Facility Rental Information

The City of Greenville Parks & Recreation Department will follow its mission when making decisions on rentals of City of Greenville facilities. Every effort shall be made to rent areas that generate additional revenue in an efficient and manageable manner, while balancing the needs of the citizens.

  1. Facility Bookings – All activities shall be booked in advance based upon availability after City events and programs have been booked. EVERYONE must submit a Facility Rental Application online at www.greenvilletx.fun
  2. Reservations for Parks and Recreation facilities will open the first day of business in October.
  3. City of Greenville facility reservations are available for leisure activities, recreational opportunities, and city activities. 
  4. Reservations that take place during normal business hours and days of operation must be made a minimum of two weeks (14 days) in advance.
  5. Reservations that take place after normal business hours and days of operations and large events shall be made a minimum of four weeks (30 days) in advance and will need to fill out the event application permit.
  6. If there is not a rental fee assigned to a facility, the facility is not available to rent and is first come first serve. 
  7. For a reservation to be considered valid, all terms of the agreement shall be completed.
  8. A signed Facility Rental Agreement shall be on file.
  9. A deposit shall be paid if required
  10. Payment shall be received at the time of booking.

If you are interested in reserving a facility at one of our parks or at our recreation center. Please submit your application here