Athletic Supervisor

Job Description: 

This position is going to be working closely with the Recreation Staff to able to supervise all games and practices for our sports programs. The athletic supervisor will attend and manage sporting practices and games. They will be responsible for the officials and the part time staff working at the event and ensure that they are doing their jobs corrective and efficiently. Will be responsible for handing out and setting up equipment before the program begins, so will need to learn how to set up for all sports before beginning to work. They will need to get familiarize with the rules and how our athletic programs work, so that they can answer any questions that coaches and parents might have during the event. The supervisor will have to be punctual, have great interpersonal skills, and be able to lead others well so that our programs can run successfully. The recreational staff will be on call during these programs so the supervisor can always call and ask any questions or if an emergency occurs.

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Athletic Supervisor Position

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